Someone who lives and stands for pure-lies and pure-evil-lies everyday of their life and always have to act like the example below in the process.
Left-Winger: 1 + 1 = 20 because...

(60 pages of words later)

…now you see that I am right and a better person than you and you are a bigot.

Person: 1 + 1 = 2

Left-Winger: Source?

Person: (Gives source)

Lovely people who'd better have you cut your funnies off, feed your babies with soy only or get your business robbed by lootesters than let you own a gun or go to a church.

Also, the totally unbiased advocates making lists of which races, genders and sexualities are eligible for a role in a movie, and which are not.
A: Left-wingers stand for peace and equality and diversity, you're taking it all wrong!
B: So everyone can get a gun to protect their home?
A: No, it's a police job!
B: But... you just defunded the cops?
by ZeroOfNil October 31, 2022
The most colossally evil and lying scoundrels in the history of all humanity.

Everything that comes out our their mouths is pure-evil reality inversion and/or protection

Here’s some examples:

They call themselves LOVING, but when anyone disagrees with their radical views, they become the most hateful, malevolent, heinous monsters in history.

They call themselves OPEN-MINDED/TOLERANT, but absolutely anything true or false other than their extreme agenda will be willfully ignored, ridiculed, censored, demonised, and much more.

They call themselves HUMANITARIAN, when supporting the most evil, tyrannical, dystopian, murderous, satanic and anti-god cult in the history of humanity.

They call themselves PROGRESSIVE, while their economic and political policies have destroyed, impoverished, and regressed every place when implemented.

They call themselves WOKE, however they are the most brainwashed/brainwashing cult of robotic asleep slaves and enslavers with no originality or original thought other than what their masters create.

They call themselves ANTI-RACIST, meanwhile absolutely loathing white people, white culture, their existence, and white history with a burning hatred, a level of actual bigoted, racist, ethnic-hatred that none in history even got close to.

They call themselves ANTI-SEXIST, at the same time destroying the functional/healthy family structure and making life toxic and oppressive for both genders.
Left-wingers and leftism are the root and embodiment of all lies and evil.
Someone who cries and lies their ass off over when white people immigrated around the world and created empires, yet celebrates the replacement-migration and ethnic replacement of the white race and calls anyone who stands against it a hateful racist.
Everything that comes out of the mouths of left-wingers is pure-evil reality-inversion, projection, and falsehood.
Someone who is politically left-wing. Example of left-wing ideas are as follows:

• Equality (Not to be confused with Equity) for all people in all walks of life.
• All religions and beliefs are welcome so long as they do not discriminate against others, offend others, or affect laws or the government.

• The government should not be affected by religion.
• The government should be large to protect equal rights for all people.
• Censorship is necessary to filter out ideas which are offensive to others.
• Minorities should be praised so as to balance power between groups of people.
Religious freedom may be curtailed in order to provide genuine equality.
• Gay couples should be allowed to marry anywhere and in any way that a straight couple would.
• Abortion and contraception are necessary to maintain bodily autonomy.
• Access to healthcare, water, food, and shelter should be provided to all people by the government.
• The rich should be taxed highly and military spending should be cut to pay for social programs.
"Yeah, I'm a left-winger, and if you've got a problem with that, that's your problem."
by JP the ENFP June 18, 2022
A Liberal who insists that their way of thinking or their politcal canidate (usually a democrat) would have stopped every bad thing that has ever happened to america, that everything would be fine if only a democrat would be in office to save the world. What happened last time a democrat was in office? O he just had an a affair with his secretary...thats not a bad thing is it?
Wow that left-winger thinks he knows everything.

Left-wingers are just mad cuz they lost again.
by elephantboy July 8, 2005