A person whose left hand is the dominant one. About 12% of people are left handed.
Being left handed is genetic, it's not a preference.
by MaggieChow June 26, 2010
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The best type of handed people

Fuck right handed people
1: yo it feels good to be left handed

Right handed shit lord (2): i know right! I hate being right handed. It sucks!
by SUCC [D.A.N.K] February 4, 2018
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Someone who is left handed is the devil's child. If you know anyone who is left handed, call the police to perform a ritual on them.
*At the basketball gym*
Some random guy: yo why are you so good with your left hand?
Me: Oh I'm left handed.
by follow me @AMerryHalloween November 10, 2019
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some one who perfers to use their left hand for most tasks, they make up 7-20% of the population, the remainder are righ handed or ambidextorus.
Many of my friends are left handed.
by Redi March 2, 2007
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Having a natural preference to complete more tasks with your left hand rather than your right. Being able to successfully and skillfully do things with the left hand. Left handed people are often brilliant, more so than right handed people. If not brilliant, which is very possible, they are usually creative in some aspect.

Left handedness is NOT always passed on through genetics; Every person in my entire family for generations have all been right handed, but all of a sudden, here comes me and my two sisters. We are all three left handed.
Allison is left handed because she writes with her left hand and does other things with her left hand as well.

by Miss Wisdom December 8, 2011
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Its a hand, and, its the left one..
smack you up with my LEFT hand.
Lets shake left hands.
by phur riil September 1, 2003
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not the mousing hand

the hand that does the masturbating while the mousing hand operates the porn

the hand that stimulates the shaft down to the base while the right hand stimulates the remaining two thirds of the penis
the left hand allows for one handed surfing
by Other Hand November 7, 2012
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