When a persons got sinister(which is actually latin for left handed)motives, or is about to double crossyou.
I got a feelin that theres some left handed shit goin down here...
by the-game155 November 21, 2007
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The hand indians use to wipe their ass.
Indian: Hey Joey! its been a while eh? shake my hand!

Joey: -like a dumbass, joey shakes his left hand-

Indian: HAH! gotcha! now you've got all my shit wiped on your hand!
by love, shinny. December 14, 2008
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A Left-Handed Charlotte is a strong cum shot to the face while screaming "WILBUR" that forms a "web" over the left eye. (Use of the left hand is preferable, for consistency.)
I gave that chick in the bar a Left-Handed Charlotte last weekend and she's still wearing an eye patch.
by Dog Ruff Ruff 69 March 4, 2014
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The perfection of human kind, but since this left handed person is also a ginger, they are also perfection of the alien race. This person is within the 1% of the world's population making them the minority. Gingers are known to be exotic as well as having a higher sex drive, so what does this mean if that ginger is left handed? It is hard to discover, but once found, it is easy to say it was breath taking to the point they give you your breath back. There are rarely any definitions for this left handed redhead because no words can truly describe the experience they give you.
by A left handed redhead December 2, 2011
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Masturbating with your left hand if you're right handed
I was bored with normal masurbation, so I gave the left handed stranger a shot.
by I am not here May 14, 2013
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The craziest bitches you'll ever meet. They're fun loving, nasty, and confident. You wish your boyfriend was a left handed Scorpio.
Lena: Oh my god, Stacey just tackled Joey

Jay: Yk them left handed scorpios, that's why you don't piss them off
by Kxtty May 10, 2020
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