The act of throwing up in your left hand and cumming in the same hand, mixing it together with your tongue and smacking your mom in the face with it.
Brian just gave his mom the grinch’s left hand!
WTF thats messed up!
by J Pup December 23, 2020
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A sexual act in which a male receives manual stimulation (i.e. handjob) in the inside seat of a booth in an Italian restaurant while the performer of the act continues to eat.
I went for the spaghetti, but I stayed for the left-handed cannoli.
by Charizard Queen August 20, 2014
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Similar to being ambidextrous, but instead of having another good hand, you have one less good hand: you have no good hands, and are incredibly clumsy as a result.
Benn: Dude, don't throw the ball to Dave he has two left hands!

Benn: Damn it Ron, you dropped the entire bag of popcorn.
Ron: Sorry man, I got two left hands.
by BennduR July 11, 2010
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n. An Internet Website specialising in pr0n, causing visitors to use the mouse with the left hand.
by b0ng April 3, 2003
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The curse applies to all left handed people and is the side affect of writing using an ink pen with your left hand. The ink from written words smudges all over the side of your palm and pinky finger.
After a long day at the office, Ivan got home and spent ten minutes cleaning the ink smudges on his left hand. Ivan suffers from the dreaded left handed curse.
by coinroller December 2, 2007
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You see something so attractive you must move your phone to your left hand so you can use your mand hand to masturbate.

Often used as a funny joke when someone does something cringeworthy or is being despised by others, for example in a comments section of a video.
Ugh my mom keeps posting embarrassing stuff to the Internet..

Friend: Phone in left hand moment.
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A left handed cigarette is marijuana.

It can also be a non-sensical phrase said just to be ironic.
"you got any more left handed cigarettes?"
"No, the cop took them all."

I need a left handed cigarette to go with my left handed beer bottle.
by Jana November 17, 2004
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