4 definitions by SUCC [D.A.N.K]

The one thing that is fucking up youtube and that susan (wojcicki) is still not fixing
1: my video is so funny but yet it has been demonitized

Team youtube: wE pRoMiSE tHerE iS nO uNdErlYiNg glItCH
by SUCC [D.A.N.K] February 4, 2018
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The game where a pan is the best melee weapon that you can obtain
A:hey dude, did you play PUBG last night? I got 2nd place!

B:i played it but in the first 10 minutes i got sniped from someone 2 miles away, also, its actually called player unknown's battlegrounds
by SUCC [D.A.N.K] November 5, 2017
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The best type of handed people

Fuck right handed people
1: yo it feels good to be left handed

Right handed shit lord (2): i know right! I hate being right handed. It sucks!
by SUCC [D.A.N.K] February 4, 2018
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