Arguably the most exciting part of watching professional racing.
"Yeah, so we were watching the Grand Prix yesterday when something amazing happened. You'll never guess. They made a left turn! Oh my god, that was exhilarating!"
by Yams June 07, 2009
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1Rotating 90 degrees counterclockwise from your point of origin
2The act of: After getting to first base (Kissing), moving closer to second base
3Definition 1, in a car, requiring the passing through of many additional lanes of traffic-90% of professional racing, the source of 18% of all profanity.
1 I was about to walk into Canada, so I made and left turn went east, towards Oregon, as fast as I could, Eh?

2 Dude, I was making out with this girl at a party, but when I tried to make a left turn, she bitch-slapped me!

3 I was driving to McDonalds, and I made a left turn. I was fucking hit THREE times before I could get my Big Mac!
by Exoskeleton October 22, 2009
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