Pretty lead singer of goth-inspired rock band Evanescence. Has amazing song-writing talent, great style and a gorgeous set of pipes. Is NOT, as some think, a goth, but not a poser either.
by Sarah February 21, 2005
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The lead singer/songwriter of the group Evanescence. She's not just another fake, insincere female "singer" who uses a machine to make her voice sound good, so she can wear slutty clothes and "sing" someone else's music. She worked her butt off to get to where she is now. She puts her heart and soul into writing music, playing the piano, and singing.

She's an inspiration to many people, to be themselves, follow their dreams, and not give a care about what anyone else thinks.

If you don't see how amazing she is, I think you need to open your eyes and see some real talent. You may not like Evanescence or Amy Lee, but if you had any class at all, you'd be able to admit that they're a talented group, whether you like them or not.
"I'm a happy, goofy, unfunny dork. And I'm this person more than I am deep and crying and moaning about the nothing I've become." –Amy Lee
by HardcorePrincess May 18, 2005
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Amy lee is the lead singer of the band Evanescence, which debuted in main stream music in 2003 with "Bring me to Life"
Amy lee was choir president during high school, and was involved in many choir competitions. She actually taught the class sometimes!
Amy wrote most of the lyrics and vocals on fallen, including choir arrangements.
It is rumoured that Ben Moody, former member of Evanescence, was engaged with Amy a loooong time ago...Who knows? Who cares.


I think its hard to find artists that are actually artists now-a-days with Hilary Duff (lip syncs) and Britney Spears (also lip syncs)

Amy sings live, and she has the best voice i have ever heard.

Haters can go F-U-...themselves.

She IS talented, and real and that is that.
Grammy winner
millions of records sold
amazing voice
by evolving_soul October 8, 2004
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My idol, the woman I worship, my everything. She is the lead singer of the hit band called Evanescence, which mean vapor like. I think she is going places and her voice is simply jaw dropping. She has made me cry with the song My Immortal. Famous for Going Under, Bring Me To Life, and especially My Immortal.
When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears, when you screamed I'd fight away all of your fears, and I've held your hand through all of these years, but you still have... all of me.
My Immortal - Evanescence
by EvanescenceFreak1313 December 31, 2005
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The lead singer of Evanescence. Incredibly talented, with a strong and powerful voice. People insult her because they think she has a huge ego or is some stupid crazy suicidal freak who calls herself goth, but these people know nothing about her. I admire her for how far she's gotten, how she doesn't lip-sync her music, the enchanting lyrics of her songs, and, of course, her hauntingly beautiful voice.
My friend saw Amy Lee perform live, and man, is she an awesome singer!
by Yunie October 31, 2004
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singer of band evanescence, with the most amazing voice, she also plays piano and writes songs. she even says herself that she is not a goth, so anyone who calls her a wannabe r just dumb and should go insult someone else. she is also stunning
by fan March 13, 2005
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amazing singer of evanescence. she is so talented, with the most incredible voice, she also plays piano and writes songs. she even says herself that she is not a goth, so people who call her a wannabe goth r just dumb. she is also stunning.
i saw evanescence in concert they were amazing
by fan March 13, 2005
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