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A small Bavarian village in the state of WA. Known for tourists, German food and good beer. Also known for hipster/pseudo-hippies, river rafters, hikers and "one-uppers".
"I love the scenery in Leavenworth, but the people are douches".
by Bannana Hammer August 11, 2011
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A small, shit-hole town in Kansas. Most notable for it's wide array of prisons and the military base. It's filled with white trashers, drug addicts, and ghetto-ass people with nothing better to do than cause problems. Everyone's in each others business cuz there's nothing better to do than gossip. If you grow up there or move there then chances are high that you will get sucked into the black hole and stay there doing nothing productive.
"You wanna hit up the LV tonight?"

"Oh hell nah...not Leavenworth...that boring ass town!!!"
by Honesty10 October 13, 2008
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One of the lamest towns in Kansas you will ever go to. But yet people like to tour it because it has so many prisons, yet has a military base, right next to MU, oh yea, full of drunken teens that smoke pounds of pot, white trashers get on welfare, and old people like to retire at, and if you happen to mix the words up it actually. say it's Worth Leaven
Did you hear about who got shot at the local Wal-Mart in "Leavenworth" yesterday?
by leavenworth tasher July 16, 2008
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"washingtons bavarian village"

leavenworth is this really cool little town in washington. its called washingtons bavarian village because everything is german themed. Its a great place to visit, especially during december when they're doing their christmas stuff. Its got tons of gift shoppes, great food, and it just has a really fun atmosphere.
leavenworths the shit!
by staciiii December 25, 2006
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