Leanna is the most perfect waifu ever, she's always so kind and nice and sweat.
Also she is super adorable and funny, she can make you salty very easily though cuz she's the queen at teasing people,
but other than that she's super perfect :3
She's my sweet llama pie ok OK
leanna psst pstttttt
i love you
by PrettyNekoTato May 10, 2017
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She's a bitch. I hate her. She broke my heart and lost my trust. Fuck her.
Leanna is a bitch
by yeteham September 17, 2019
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Leanna, can look cute nice and cool. But once you get to no her, she starts taking advantage of people, she can act all nice but has sense of humor that a lot of people hate including her friends
Bro did you know Leanna is trying to take that girl’s boyfriend!
Dude Leanna is trying to cheat on me behind my back
by Lied to October 16, 2019
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lennna is an amazing beautiful girl any boy would wanna date she has a sexy body and is an amazing girl
if u have a leanna make sure she is yours only yours!
by aliooooo November 7, 2018
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A person who is loyal, hot as fuck, funny can be shy but is down to talk to anybody
by Leeaaa September 20, 2017
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A girl who is pretty, very funny, smart, and athletic and who is always trying to get better at something everyday.
-Damn LeAnna is the Best.-
by Uhh uvybybyvtv November 16, 2016
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