When body fluid (Spunk) exits the vagina from the night before.
Ellie sit on jades face forgetting she got it hard the night before from Steve Brown, the end result is jade drowning from the Leakage
by A Fan Of Ellie & Jade November 11, 2009
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During the middle of the night, when someone is sleeping and shits the bed with a huge mass of diarrhea and poop, then proceeding to roll around in it to make it more nasty.
After Jamal had taco bell for dinner, he had so much leakage That night even the neighbors complained it stank like shit.
by The baconator March 15, 2015
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piss that seeps from incontinence pants worn in the main by the elderly
by rough rider September 12, 2003
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when the sleeves of your undershirt stick out further than the sleeves of your overshirt. mostly occuring when your undershirt is to big
damn bro you should have put on a smaller t you got some serious sleeve leakage
by CodyBrigham February 14, 2009
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The unexpected or unwanted oozing, seeping, or dripping of foul-smelling substances from a tightly clenched anus. Such substances may have been produced by the body attached to the anus or may have been introduced by another body unattached to the aforementioned anus. Such seepage may also be accompanied by an expulsion of gas (see also shart).
Pam's anal leakage smelled worse than Elizabeth New Jersy and really wrecked that dinner with her boyfriend.
by binkboy February 8, 2006
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Made popular in the 70's and 80's, "cheekage leakage" refers to female ass cheeks protuding from the bottom of small, tight shorts. Originally this was purposeful (as was long feathered hair, camel toes, and braless terry cloth tube tops). Sometimes abbreviated to the more British "cheekage".
Cindy didn't even notice the throng of prepubescent boys skating avidly behind her at the roller rink.

"Dude," Chad gasped, "if those cut-offs creep up any further her cheekage is going to make me shoot!"

Paul was hypnotized by the cheekage leakage Mrs. Tyler had on display across the street. Bending over to prune her roses, her tan lines would appear and disappear provocatively.
by robzilla October 10, 2005
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A stinky wet fart or wet-farts that result from drinking too much Jagermeister the night before.
Man A: Dude that stinks, have you shit?
Man B: Yeah sorry, too many Jagers last night
Man A: Dude, sounds like you have Jager Leakage.
by reckless-abandon February 19, 2011
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