Similar to a golden shower, however this is generally speaking, but not exclusively, a one person activity with little or no planning. Can be affiliated with post masterbation climax, rendering the individual somewhat debilitated. They would release their urine where they lay, therefore releasing a golden stream upon themself.
My roommate Noah ruined my parents couch when he unleashed a lazy river after pleasuring himself to the Nora the Explorer marathon.
by vangloriousskookum May 18, 2019
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When a man, during the act of copulation, releases his "man spirit" onto the bridge of his female companion's nose. The stream will slowly flow downwards towards her chin, creating the mental image of a fat white man in a inner tube floating down the lazy river at Disney Land.
Oh man, you should have seen the lazy river I plastered Tracy Lyn with last night.
by VinegarStrokes April 16, 2009
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The laziest band douche of them all. A person who is such a douche they need a canoe to hold all the doucheness and at the same time is to lazy to get anything productive accomplished.
RN is a douche canoe on the lazy river. I am glad i'm not him
by dtch lgnd July 31, 2015
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A sexual act where one cums in the others notrils, then they open their mouth big and watch the cum leak down like a lazy river
Craig- hey man I just gave Susan a lazy river last night!
Jerry- no way I’ve always wanted to do that.
by Datboijason November 1, 2021
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