A very attractive male. Usually a teenager. He is smooth and can talk to women easily.
My friend is such a lazo, he has alot of admirers
by machoismo March 21, 2008
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1. A word used to justify erratic or unusual behavior. Often performed for Lazo himself.
2. Used to describe an action or person that is not confined to society, particularly in edgy fashion, rebellious or avant-garde fashion. Made in particular reference to things that define themselves as Lazo gang.

3. A word used to shrug off an incident of importance.
3. Used to describe the permanence or immortal aspects of a person or object.

1. Creator of the universe, manifested in a childlike form. Usually found doing mundane human activities such as roblox, fortnite, fighting other children, or learning to spell.

2. Used to refer to individuals with qualitative aspects of Lazo gang.

1. Used to express confusion, in the name of Lazo.
P1: "Why are you vaping out of my ass?"
P2: " For Lazo"

P1: "Did you see that crackhead breakdancing in that sewer tunnel?"
P2: "That guy is Lazo as fuck"

Mother: "How did you manage to fail every single one of your classes this semester?"
P:"uhh Lazo"

"Look what Lazo made in roblox today guys"

P1: "Look at that goat having sex with that old guy in the apartment window over there"
P2: "What the Lazo?"
by LazoGangMember February 18, 2020
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Lazo is a misspelt way of saying "lesbian", usually said by retarded people and/or for insults, First discovered in 2008 by a noble child in greensborough
Person 1: "You're gay"
Person 2: "Well You're a L-A-Z-O
Person 1: "Lazo?"
Others: "HA HA HA HA"
Person 2: "Whatever"
Person 1: "Dont you mean lesbian?"
by HabibiBankok September 10, 2009
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Quite possibly the new revolution of online gaming. The latest player to take out HeatoN on jan 3rd cpl major. Lazo is redeemed his deeds as the greastest of all time. Good work lazo and eP. Malaka played a major part aswell.
by Jay Ess Aye January 12, 2004
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John lazo is a very cute guy and likes many girls .he a shy person when he meet new people and he funny and sometime he take stuff very serious his best friend is Nicole Perla Matthew Bianca and Daniel they seem really good friends but john seem he dated many field
John parents are very strict

John lazo
by _lol_413 July 01, 2017
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Is not ugly has a amazing personality and if u say hes ugly theres something wrong with ur head and mind <3 So shut up 😋❤ and your not ugly robbie hehe
" Im ugly" No Robert lazo your not ugly :)
by Uhhhhh kla April 08, 2021
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