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Laynee is a girl with a great body and a great ass she is gorgeous and loyal to her boyfriend she is awesome and fun to be around and is the life of the party. If you ever get to be laynee's friend keep that chance she will stick by your side no matter what she is an amazing person!!
"Holy crap who is that smokin hot chick over there!"

"That's Laynee, she is great."
by I'm-sad-lets-have-sex April 15, 2015
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Laynee is a caring person, she loves spending time with the people she loves. Laynee will Stand by your side but she does this because she wants you to stand by her side too. If Laynee is stressed she is yell, scream, hit, and cry but she doesn't like that she does that. Laynee has anger issues when she is mad she will want to break something
Guy 1- you have a Laynee are you crazy

Guy 2- yea she really cares about me
by LayLay232423 July 10, 2018
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laynee is an outgoing person with a bright personality. who keep to herself but isnt afraid to speak her mind when she feel is needed. she is a gorgeous person with big tits and a small ass. she is a great person. if you get the cahnce to be friends with a girl names laynee take the chance and never let her go or you will regret it one day. she has a very outgoing personality and she dosent let what people say about her/to her/behind her back get to her cause she knows shes a great person.
laynee is an amazing person. get you a laynee
by poppyisasychobitch January 11, 2018
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