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Layal , sexy person generally a girl funny , wasome to talk with and really generous and simply the best
Shania twain can be one Layal
by aigho February 03, 2010
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its an arabic meaning that means at night.

its a someone who is open to certain people. who is very loyal. who is fastinated at odd things. when is loved with someone, they are very attachted to them. and tells a lot of stories.
Stephanie is such a friendly person, she is such layal.
by Arrowfarrow April 04, 2009
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Layal is a beautiful kind lovely girl she is cute as fuck she is a sexy person when she loves someone she gets attracted to them she makes u laugh she is special unique childish sometimes and she is a risky girl
She is just a Layal
A Layal is the prettiest girl
by Nancy mildan September 27, 2018
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