Criminal cases are about paying time for doing the crime; but civil lawsuits are just about an attempt at wealth transfer in the name of justice.
by IndySparkPlug January 10, 2011
It's what people recommend you wear if you're a lawyer, or you have a court date
I have to meet a client in 30 minutes, where'd I put my lawsuit?
by Metallicajunkie October 4, 2018
that thing you file against your parents because you didnt ask to be born then it starts up some family tea,
you:"mom im filing a lawsuit against you"
mom:"wait sweetie what did i do??"
mom:"i didnt either sweetie, always use protection"
by beetea April 25, 2019
An incredible garage band that should have gone bigtime. Home grown in Davis, CA
by TonyTony June 9, 2005
Something vietnamese people do when they get into accidents.
I got into an accident with a vietmese lady and now she's trying to get as much money as she can out of my insurance by filing a LAWSUIT.
by Angry Victim April 5, 2006
I was lawsuited for pushing him down the mountain, because he was severly injured.
by Eric Harmatz December 29, 2005
When you are able to file a lawsuit against a particular thing.
John: Dude this guy just ran over my cat!
Joe: Dude that's so lawsuitable!
by j0shu4g July 12, 2018