L Lawliet is the detective from Death Note. He is one of the most cutest and hottest guys you'll ever see. He is trying to find who Kira is by making some ilegal things (like spying, kidnapping, probably killing, etc.) but he's still the good guy.
L Lawliet is so awesome.
by PoisenFallen August 5, 2018
L is a detective in the anime deathnote. He plays the roll of catching Kira and bringing him to justice. He doesn't show himself to anyone and is very reserved. L loves sweets. Wether it be cake, cookies, ice cream, pudding, or just straight up sugar. He has has bags under his eyes because He's an insomniac. He also has awful posture and sits in a squat. he does this to ā€œ help his deduction skills ā€œ
L Lawliet is the worlds greatest detective, theres not a single case he cant crack.
by aiko kurashi November 30, 2020
big shlong daddy aghšŸ˜« puurr more cleaver than Light šŸ™„šŸ§šŸ» ā™€ļø
-Who is the biggest shlongest daddy?
-L Lawliet
by Lā€™s big shlong March 5, 2021
The real name of the great detective L from Death Note.

L Lawliet is also known as Erald Coil and Danevue.
by Over December 27, 2008
L Lawliet is a detective from the anime 'Death Note' if you didn't watched It, do It you fucking donkey. L Lawliet is the most handsome person you'll ever see. He might not be the main character, but he got the girls attention for sure.
Jessica: OMG did you see L Lawliet from death note?! He is SOO handsome!
*Jessica agressively writes Lia's name in her Death Note

*Lia dies from heart attack
by hii'mapieceofgarbage February 28, 2021
A very cool person who kins. They're usually associated with L Lawliet and JD from Heathers.
L Lawliet is a kinnie!
by irlllawliet December 26, 2020