Lauryn is a very caring loving smart crazy person she hates when people misspelled her name she's smart and talented. At first she might seem annoying or crazy but once you get to know her she is actually a very fun girl she has most beautiful eyes and you get lost in then. she is scared to commit to a relationship but once you give her time she will warm up to the idea. Don't miss with her because she doesn't take no bullshit and she will straight up tell you how she feels she doesn't care of she gets dirt or drama on her because it will all end up being okay Lauryn sometimes can seem very loud but that's just her way of getting things across. she's is very athletic and if you give her a math question she can solve it right away. She's known as one of the most prettiest girls in the class and has all the boys.

Sometimes Lauryn is very emotional and if you bring up her past she will totally shut you down she doesn't like to show her emotions if you piss her off oh you better run because she will attack you if you ever come across a Lauryn don't let her go cuz she was probably going to be one of the best people that's ever happened in your life She is very unique they're not a girls like her that come around often so keep her
Lauryn is a really nice girl
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A girl who is usally misunderstood . You don't know her until you befriend her. She can be nice , but she don't deal with no bullshit . She is loyal, beautiful,and smart. If you are lucky enough to get her , hold on to her. Girls like herdon't come around very often.
Lauryn is a awesome person.
by QveenLo April 3, 2015
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If u dated Lauryn or wanted her u still do it’s impossible to get over her Lauryn is smart, talented, and loyal but Lauryn doesn’t tolerate bullshit she isn’t messy quick to cut offf ppl and y’all niggas stay out ALL LAURYNS DM’S
Lauryn he tried to mess wit u?
by Itslauryn October 9, 2018
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An amazing, funny, adorable, beautiful, smart, and overrall perfect girl. You never want to let her go. Even when you'll have to. A girl worth waiting for. A girl so lovable it kills you, but makes you the happiest you've ever been when she loves you too. Shes hard not to think about, shes hard not to miss, but shes easy to love.
"I love you Lauryn."
by Thisisbecauseofboredom123 March 14, 2017
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Lauryn is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is loving, smart, beautiful, and free spirited. Though at times she is indecisive in the end she always follows her heart. She is a girl that you would love to spend the rest of your life with no matter the coast. In the end she is the best all around and you hope she feels the same about you.
Person 1: That is a beautiful and outspoken girl!
Person 2: Yeah that's Lauryn
by The_love_of_your_life November 27, 2014
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A very unique, funny, loud, and crazy indilvidual. Listens to a lotta different music... some that you'll like and some that you'll hate/ Crazy. Sexy. Cool. HEARTBREAKER <3
by fiveandahalf December 20, 2008
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Lauryn is a raw ass chick that doesn't play games with these thotties and these niggas. She isn't one to be messed with because she trying to get her shit together. She also is a girl who loves hard and falls for a nigga hard. She has a fuck society kind of attitude. She ain't NO THOT she don't fuck with that thot shit. Lauryn is a chill person until you piss her off and get on her bad side but she thick as hell and is a real ride or die chick. Last thing don't get her fucked up as one of these stank ass thotties yall see.
Female : I wish I was a lauryn
Male : I wish you were too cause you'd actually be cute then

The males homies: hahahahahaha damn bitch you aint no lauryn
by ALLTRUTH December 2, 2013
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