Another word for - and often mistaken with - 'yanny.' According to Internet historians and meme enthusiasts, this term is what sparked the Internet War of 2018 - one of the most polarizing eras of our time thus far.
Friend 1: "Hey, I have a quick question. Listen to this and tell me what word you hear..." (Plays Laurel pronunciation from Vocabulary.com)
Friend 2: "I hear 'Laurel!' "
Friend 1: "Don't talk to me ever again."
Friend 2: "Wait, what?!"
*Top 10 Anime Betrayals*
by UrbanMeme420 May 24, 2018
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A word at the center of a world wide debate! A debate that is sure to cause the demise of the free world. Some hear laurel some hear yanni. What do you hear?
as a noun. - A laurel was worn upon the head of Julius Caesar.

~in pop culture~
Selena - Hey have you heard about the "Laurel or Yanni" thing?
John - No! What is it?

Selena - Here, LISTEN! What do you hear?
John - "Laurel"....
Selena - You're nuts!!! It's Yanni!
by justhenerd May 17, 2018
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A mispronunciation of “Yanny.” A name no child will ever carry after 5/16/18.
Her name is Yanny, not Laurel.
by Starcourt May 17, 2018
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A city in maryland spanning 3 counties, settled in between Baltimore and DC. Laurel is know for the main road, rt 1, which black prostitutes and homeless beggars use as thier personal catwalk. Laurel could possibly claim the rights to the wigger movement, in which white kids with hillbilly racist parents dress in white reeboks, fubu, hoop earing with saying like "wifey" or "delicious" engraved in them, and a penchant for slicked down hair and cornrows. Laurel is lined with dive bars and pawn shops, and frequently smells like mexican farts.
yo homie sup representin Laurel
by clarkcunt January 05, 2009
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"Is there a Yanny?"
"Mr substitute teacher sir there is no Yanny in this class."
"Oh really now? Are you sure you're not trying to stand up for your HOMEGIRL? Because this paper says L-A-U-R-E-L Yanny"
"That's not how your pronounce Laurel."
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Ancient Roman for your butt.
Get up off your laurels and go do something!
to rest on one's laurels
She rests on her laurels all the time.
Stop resting on your laurels!
by shapr June 26, 2018
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