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(noun) The feeling of euphoria experienced after any amount, though usually intense amount, of laughter.
Numbness in the legs, arms, head, or any other area of the body may be an effect.
The effects are much like that experienced during and after an adrenaline rush.
After John heard that Obama was still in office, he laughed for ten minutes straight.
When he stood up, he fell over from his legs being numb from laughtershock.

BASEketball will give you laughtershock.
by The Original Taterbug August 12, 2009
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The chuckles you experience after a funny event/image/thought has passed.
Person 1: He he...
Person 2: What are you laughing at?
Person 1: Something I saw this morning.
Person 2: Laughtershocks? Man, it must've been funny!
by UODuckman January 07, 2014
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It's after shock but instead with laughter. When someone tells you something really funny and you think about It again later and you still laugh about it.
"Dude, Greg told me this really really funny joke and I still have laughtershock. I mean, he told me the joke over an hour ago and I am still laughing from it!"
by M. Ash March 16, 2006
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Small bursts of seemingly random laughter shortly after hearing something extremely humorous, especially when you think about it again.
That was so funny, I'm still having laughtershocks from it!
by cootsified March 08, 2010
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Similar to the aftershocks of a large earthquake, laughtershocks are small and quick bursts of giggles after a large, initial laugh, usually responsible for a audience missing a large percentage of secondary jokes.
What did he say? Damn laughtershocks made me miss the next joke!
by camoozle September 15, 2009
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West Coast residents taking to social media such as Facebook or Twitter to make fun of East Coast residents because of the earthquake.
West Coast Tweet: 5.8? Haha you East Coast people are weak! How does the laughtershock feel?
by ruralninja August 25, 2011
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Paralyzed with complete shock as to render one temporarily helpless: paralyzed with laughter. Extreme result of Laughtermath.
When your wife falls out of the shower and can't get up. You know you should help her, but you are cracking up too damn hard, you are in a state of laughtershock.
by Gramma Daddy December 31, 2006
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