A term being pushed by PC culture advocates, even though absolutely no one who is actually Latino uses it.
Apparently it's supposed to be "inclusive" of Latin American non binary people, even though most don't care if you refer to them as Latino.
LatinX is a bullshit word made up by people who are not even Latino themselves.
Spanish is a gendered language, get over it.
by Just Another Zoomer November 6, 2020
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A slur used against people of Hispanic or Latino decent
✨Emily the white saviour✨- hi my latinx bothers and sister

Actual person of Mexican/latino/hispanic decent- I would rather be called a beaner than that bull shit
by Floridaboyyyy April 1, 2021
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A Person of Latin American descent who has lost touch with his Hispanic heritage replacing his traditional values with post modern anglo ideology and probably doesn’t even speak Spanish or is ashamed to in public.
My cousin Pedro is ashamed to talk with me in Spanish when we are in public. He is such a LatinX!
by Pepito El Sapo January 20, 2021
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A Slur used by white people to insult Hispanic people.
White guy: Wassup My latinxs
Latinos and Latinas: Stfu racist!
by PomuHub June 11, 2022
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An adult film star or dancer of Latin American descent, usually homosexual.
What is your occupation? I am a LatinX dancer.
by LatinDictionary March 3, 2018
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A slur used by woke people to describe latin americans, denying the history of latin-americans taking the word latino for their own and actively fighting against the work of the latin-american feminist movement use of the word latina.
Latin American: "La latina se va a la playa"
Woke person: "I think you mean Lx latinx se va a lx playx"
by MonstahSlayah June 15, 2020
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LatinX or latinx is a slur said by white liberals, angered Karens, and egotistical people who think they're being inclusive but are actually being ignoramus of the culture, language, nuances and opinions of the Latinas, Latinos, Latins, and Hispanic community.
LATINX IN GAMING showed up on Twitter during the Game Awards as announced by Brie Larson and the entire Hispanic community wanted to tell the internet a big fat Shut the F Up.
by Numnummyboots December 11, 2020
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