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The SJW/Feminist/LGBT version of saying Latino. Latinos do not use this word as it insults our language is just dumb since most things in Spanish are already gender neutral. White people invented this word and are trying to get people to use it HEAVY but its not going to.
Jerry: "Hey whats good my Latinx peeps!" ,"Que Onda? hehehe"
Jose: "Cut that white shit out man"

Jerry: "Sorry"
by YoTeLoDije August 15, 2017
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1. Gender non-conforming people of Latin American descent.

2. LGBT/Queer people that identify with their adopted gender as opposed to their biological sex, and with Latin culture.

3. The community of trans and gender-neutral people in the Americas that identify with their latino* heritage.

*Latino, or latin by the US definition, but perhaps also including Spaniards, Italians, French and speakers of other Latin-based languages that don't identify as male or female.
My homie Juan identifies as Latinx because the history of patriarchal misogyny and homophobic machismo in the Latino community makes him feel alienated as a former gay woman, and as a trans man.

Latinx people deal with a lot of intersectional marginalization but the community is small and in some ways that gives them strength.
by MeeestrBermudeeez June 16, 2016
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