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Totally cool guy. Generally gets along with everyone and knows how to make people laugh. He is charismatic and well admired by his friends and family. Often does what he wants and is considered a legend.
Girl : I met a hero today. His name was Lathen

Girl 2 : No way that hero is my husband!
by eurogurl9 July 02, 2018
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Lathen is a short guy. Has the mind of a two year old. Tends to get in trouble a lot. He’s sometimes really annoying, but sometimes funny.
Lathen is kind
by Ghbgjk13 November 22, 2017
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A complete cock. He's tall and stupid as fuck. He is basically a disease to the human race and everyone who's ever had the horror of meeting him knows how much of a failed human being he really is.
"Dude, lathen is a bitch."

"I was gonna invite lathen to the party, but I know that he'd fuck it all up."
by Bscanlon999 November 01, 2017
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is a very ugly person; have crusty lips; cant keep his mouth shut; a nerd; thinks he have girls; dirty asf; always tryanna go with a girl name that starts with a D;
Aye dashaye wanna hang out or date. Eww no u can tell thats a lathen
by Igoby Niya April 19, 2018
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