Late-Nights are a popular post-party parties at many college campuses and universities. Similar to pregames, late-nights occur an hour or two after the main party has ended, typically around 4:30 in the morning. Late-nights are characterized by a revitalization of the alcohol supply by bringing out booze that was being saved in closets specifically for late-nights, beer pong (beirut), and dancing. Late-nights are where it's at, and if you remember the 'crazy' time you had, you weren't there.
"Man I have this terrible hangover."
"So the party was pretty crazy?"
"Well the party was decent, but the late-nights where INSANE!!"
by JBrosef January 31, 2010
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quite possible the best invention for college students, EVER. Boston College dining halls remain open until 12 AM on weeknights and 2 AM on Friday and Saturday nights, in order to provide the drunk and/or high students with a wide variety of the most amazing fried food including, but not limited to: chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, barbeque wings..
Last night we went to a party in the mods, then we took the commave bus off-campus, and on our way back to upper we stopped at Late Night..then we partied some more in the dorms and i passed out in some kid's bed.

Pong/Ruit Champion : I'm kind of hungry..
Girl wearing leggings as pants: Let's get late night!
by petey with the "problem" March 3, 2007
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time after curfew when two people sneak out to hook up; attractive because
a. late nighters are generally too awkward to hook up under normal circumstances
b. usually kept secret, if either party is embarrased by the other
c. little talk- lots of action
d. similar to a midnight snack
Guy1: Did I see your SUV parked outside of Mary's house around 2 am on sat?
Guy2: What are you talking about? I'm hooking up with Sara.
Guy1: Then why were the windows fogged up and Mary moaning in shotgun?
Guy2: Why were you driving by at 2am anyway?
Guy1: I was late-nighting with Sara, tool.
by Tamara October 14, 2004
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Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The best late night talk show, hosted by Conan O'Brien. Funnier than Jay Leno, much funnier than Letterman, and much much much funnier than Last Call with Carson Daly which is just a stupid show. The band is The Max Weinberg 7, which is better than Leno's Kevin Eubanks because Max actually plays real music and Kevin's too high all the time. But Kevin's funny though and you have to be high to laugh at Jay Leno's jokes as much as he does. The show starts at 12:37 AM.
Late Night is the best show on after 11:30 PM.
by The Huagmire August 2, 2005
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Refering to period of time following the conclusion of accepted drinking hours; usually in the early morning hours
Hey biatch...what's happenin late night?
by Scazz March 22, 2004
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a slut you call at 420 AM to suck your dick
"damn its late and im drunk, lets get some latenight"
by Kelly Shields April 4, 2003
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Home of many emo's and wankstas. late night shopping at robina town centre (late night) is a dangerous place for many adults. Many older men have claimed to hate those damn teenagers going to late night. this is backed up ofcourse by nothing.
A. there were more teenagers at late night then last time!

B. what did they do?

A. well nothing, but i still hate them

by skater hot dude man November 3, 2007
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