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Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The best late night talk show, hosted by Conan O'Brien. Funnier than Jay Leno, much funnier than Letterman, and much much much funnier than Last Call with Carson Daly which is just a stupid show. The band is The Max Weinberg 7, which is better than Leno's Kevin Eubanks because Max actually plays real music and Kevin's too high all the time. But Kevin's funny though and you have to be high to laugh at Jay Leno's jokes as much as he does. The show starts at 12:37 AM.
Late Night is the best show on after 11:30 PM.
by The Huagmire August 02, 2005
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Type of "zoom" found on many digital cameras and camcorders that is completely pointless. All it does is crop your image, resulting in degradation of quality, and can easily be done with any image editing software. Optical zoom is the only zoom that matters since it does not degrade image quality. Camera manufacturers love to advertise their cameras' digital zoom capabilities in really big font, while the optical zoom capabilities are printed really small or not at all. Uneducated consumers will only look at the digital zoom and probably buy the camera based on that.
Person #1: Look, my new digital camera has an 800x digital zoom!
Person #2: You're a moron.
by The Huagmire July 29, 2005
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