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To pull a lasal means to be an absolute ass hat. A lasal doesn't reply to your messages even after he's seen them. A lasal completely ignores your emotions and the emotions of others and goes "oh well". Lives a very cynical life. To pull a lasal also means to bottle things up inside. A lasal is also a cop loving crazy cunt, and an absolute lazy bastard. A lasal wakes up during the middle of the afternoon and goes good morning, or sleeps during the entire day and at 11:59 pm goes morning, i took a nap. It also means to flake at the last minute and cancel plans.
Ben: that cunt pulled "Lasal" last night. Didn't even show up after we planned that trip weeks in advance. He saw my messages and just ignored, and went oh well the next day.

Hasso: what an absolute ass hat, but thats what a typical lasal is.
by therealhasso October 20, 2017
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