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An insane woman who constantly calls regardless of just talking to them less than a minute ago. Overly posessive/aggressive.
Stop you crazy cunt, what's wrong with you!
by Leave a message...Beep October 19, 2009
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Australian slang used to describe someone who is impressive, fearsome or intimidating.

Can also be used to praise someone in an obviously exaggerated manner.
Jonno: Have you heard about old mate Jim? The cunt sat on these two kids cause they were calling him fat. Paralysed them both!
Danai: What a crazy cunt.

Brenden: Cuz I've accepted all the wrong I've done in the past and I've converted to Islam.
Danai: Fuck you're a crazy cunt bro.

Danai: What's doing?
Jenson: Nothing lad at home.
Danai: Crazy cunt.
by EggsMcgee12son May 10, 2017
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a female who is kinky as shit: A female who is clinging as shit: a whore who is good at her job :a female who is high or crazy
Lindsey Lohan: Damn man, that crazy cunt tied me up: That crazy cunt came to my house this morning to find me creeping: How much for a crazy cunt: That crazy cunt bit a chunk off my arm
by Anthony (T.J.) June 20, 2007
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