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Bitch lasagna is a sexc ladie that won't send Bob and Vagene even after you asked nicely
That bitch lasagna Won't send me any Bob even though I call her sexc lik rain God
by Titty meat October 18, 2017
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A term used to describe a ladie who won't take cloth off OR send bob or vegana pic after asking politely!
Bitch Lasagna won't send pic of bobs... what i do, i ask nice...
by Steve the Gargoyle November 01, 2017
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A holy song in which restores the strength of anybody who is subscribed to Pewdiepie. It is also used as a battle cry against T-series, the lord of sub bots.
person 1: T-series ain't nothin' but a bitch lasagna
person 2: this song has restored my strength
by SubscribetopewdiepienotTseries February 08, 2019
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1. A 2018 diss track by PewDiePie and Party In Backyard against Bollywood label T-Series.

2.Something to satisfy your hunger for drama.

3.The only thing T-Series is.
1. Have you heard PewDiePie's diss track on T-Series? It is so good. 2. So come on T-Series, looking hungry for some drama Here, let me serve you bitch lasagna. 3.T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch lasagna.
by Anonymous123asdfghjkl; December 06, 2018
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when you ask nice ladie to take loin cloth off and she refuses to shows bob
if you dontn take your cloth off you are bitch lasagna
by lasagna whore November 04, 2018
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