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nice person, great friend, amazing girl. She is a really special person. She is creative, funny, she loves music and movies. She will never let you down.
My best friend is such a LARISA!
by nuconteaza June 23, 2009
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the sexiest bitch you wil eva meet, totally gorgeous stoner, and an amazing personality.
she is such a larisa!
by hahahface June 30, 2009
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The word representing the hottest nerd in the galaxy who has an extremely sexy boyfriend.

Also an advent cheese lover who is always horny. Enjoys bad boys and kinky fun.
did you see that cheese? I'm so Larisa right now!

Call me Larisa, but that motorcyclist was HOT!
by 008trisha January 24, 2009
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Name originating in Greece. PRONOUNCED LU-REE-SU.
A name intended for strong independent women with ample busom and magnetic personality. She will be the center of any social event she attends, and the one people look to for advice. She may go by the nickname Reese.
You're so together, like a total Larisa.
by Supahsmaht December 19, 2016
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Someone with brown hair, usually has a crush on the boy next door. Likes sports and wears tight fleece sweaters a lot. Takes or wants to take spanish. Talks about 'daddy' a lot. Is usually the one to make a new group chat. Actually freaking scary.
"Ugh Larisa!" *face palm*
by nilly666 February 07, 2017
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a very sexy woman who is loved by everybody and is such an awesome ruler to her servant alene.
she is so larisa
by xasbby October 31, 2017
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