She is a kind hearted person and the best person you could have as a friend!Meet her and you will have an amazing life
Larisa is my best friend so mess with her I will slap you
by Ndjfjdjdjf September 18, 2018
This girl has the most beautiful voice, face, body and character, is a great friend and is smart. She's just perfect.
Larisa, you're perfect, accept my compliment ffs.
by UnknownUserNumber2 January 3, 2017
Name originating in Greece. PRONOUNCED LU-REE-SU.
A name intended for strong independent women with ample busom and magnetic personality. She will be the center of any social event she attends, and the one people look to for advice. She may go by the nickname Reese.
You're so together, like a total Larisa.
by Supahsmaht December 19, 2016
nice person, great friend, amazing girl. She is a really special person. She is creative, funny, she loves music and movies. She will never let you down.
by nuconteaza June 23, 2009
Larisa is the funniest girl you'll ever meet. She loves being sarcastic and makes the funniest yet creepy and dumb jokes. She is always fun to be around and you miss her when she's not around.
She loves animals and loves to party. She has a strong connection to the ocean.

She's also weird (next level weird) but she doesn't make you uncomfortable, youll rather laugh histerically at her creepy weird kinky jokes. She is always herself no matter who she's with and she is a very likable person. She is the best person to have any conversation with and she can make anything sound funny !
She is like the human version of the urban dictionary.
Adri: "Larisa's cool. I think she's my future best friend"
Cara: "She is such a funny person lmaoooo. I always have those laugh attacks when she's around!"
Adri: "I love the way she says 'retarted'"
Cara: "Agree. The way she says it is so satisfying!"
by brogotsomecheese April 11, 2020
the sexiest bitch you wil eva meet, totally gorgeous stoner, and an amazing personality.
she is such a larisa!
by hahahface June 30, 2009
The word representing the hottest nerd in the galaxy who has an extremely sexy boyfriend.

Also an advent cheese lover who is always horny. Enjoys bad boys and kinky fun.
did you see that cheese? I'm so Larisa right now!

Call me Larisa, but that motorcyclist was HOT!
by 008trisha January 24, 2009