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Lardered (verb) - For a male to partake in sexual intercourse with a plus sized female or vice versa. Usually involves the larger person incorporating their excess rolls into said act.
Wow, Randy just got lardered by Heather.
by the_hoedown August 09, 2010
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To get told to smarten up your uniform by a male teacher. This involves tucking your shirt in and pulling your tie up.
Occasionally this will also involve removing non-school uniform and putting on your blazer.
boy1: what have we got next?

boy2: not sure

teacher: Oi! Get your shirts tucked in and smarten up!

boy1: ughhh...

(a few moments later)

teacher: right now if your teacher asks where you've been, tell them you got lardered

boy2: hahaha you got lardered

boy1: shut up
by mrmsyterypie June 02, 2009
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