The Christopher Columbus of alternative music. She receives credit for making an entire genre when Björk and Kate Bush did this first and even modern time Lorde paved the way for many popular alternative artists today. You would use this term to refer to cultural appropriating, incest supporting, and abuse glamorizing trump supporters, who have a large following gay white (men).

Synonyms include: Karen, Maga Del Rey, Republican woman
Friend: Did you hear about the woman wearing a headdress at the trump rally?
You: No way, really? That’s so Lana Del Rey.
by anal del reycist November 21, 2020
Used in a pejorative sense as an adjective for a synrhetic human shell in which to deposit foul human excretions.
Human A: "I will give you five bucks just to watch you buy a Lana Del Rey concert ticket."
Human B: "I think I'm gonna be sick."
by LDR_makes_me_vomit October 19, 2018
A boring female singer with a ugly and strange voice, everyone adores her Although she doesn't nothing special, she is just one more superficial superstar, pre-made, different of much other singers, she didn't have to work for her success, I don't understand why people take her as divine, she is just one more pop singer.
Fan: Lana Del Rey is perfect! The best singer everrrr!
Person A: Why? Is she Michael Jackson now? Lana is just one more pop singer, she is not The best
by A verdade December 1, 2016
Lana Del Rey is the christopher columbus of alternative music. She did nothing impactful for the genre and is a product of Kate Bush and Björk and Lorde was actually the one who paved the way for the many new popular alternative artists. When using this term, you would refer to someone who supports trump, culturally appropriates, glamorizes abuse, makes out with her sister and is praised by several gay white (men).
Friend: Did you hear about that woman wearing a native headdress had to be saved at a voting poll by a crowd of gay white men because they voted Trump?
You: Lol what?? That’s so Lana Del Rey.
by anal del reycist November 20, 2020
we shall sell our souls for lana del rey
by 13beaches March 15, 2019
lana del rey. the most talented, most gorgeous, most powerful singer to exist. no singer compares to lana.
“what religion do you practice?”

“the religion of lana del rey.”
by Whydoesurmom January 4, 2021
lana del rey is the best singer to ever exist. if you love her & her music then hmu we’re automatically best friends!! if you don’t then the door is here ➡️🚪
bro #1: did you hear lana del rey’s new song?! that shit is fire!!

bro #2: yeah bro,,, she’s the best singer ever!!
by whore4rebecca December 13, 2019