A tasty treat commonly found in Australia and New Zealand.

Lamingtons became very famous when australian vlogger natalie tran other wise known as communitychannel promised over a year ago that she would make a video about Lamingtons. Since then no sign of a lamingtons video which angers most of her viewers.
Nat where are my lamingtons.

Nat where the fuck are the lamingtons

Lamingtons video?

What the fuck its been over a year where is the lamingtons video.
by Communitychannelroxs May 25, 2010
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Australian food. Traditional small sponge cake squares covered in chocolate icing and sprinkled with coconut.
I ate a lamington today.
by Alexil February 4, 2006
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cake sponge coconut chocolate Australia

An Australian created cake for all occasions. A square sponge, usually stale coated in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut.
Rumour has it a man dropped his spongecake into the gravy by accident, and threw it over his shoulder, where it landed in a bowl of coconut, or peanut butter. A servent who saw this when he/she was cleaning after the meal, decided to substitute the gravy with Chocolate and it became a well known loved snack for generations to come.
I ate a lamington after dinner.

My lamington has too much coconut and not enough chocolate.

Why is this lamington so dry?
by The~Apprentice~ July 16, 2006
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A delicious chocolate cake to rub over australian youtuber, aka the girl that pretends she has a life by making up lame scenarios for other lame people people to watch, communitychannel's naked body.
1. Nat where are my lamingtons?
by saralikesdaisies January 8, 2010
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the reason y i'm so fat
each time i fucked ur mum... she gave me a lamington
by Mr. Nude Twister December 22, 2003
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The art of taking a shit and then jerking off and shooting semen all over said shit. The sprinkling of jizz resembling the coconut sprinkles on a lamington. A true lamington can be achieved after ingesting pepto bismol as it makes your shit a dark black colour.
Rob: How was your shit mate?

Bruce: Mate it was so amazing that I turned it into a lamington
by ShootDog McRooballs December 13, 2016
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The act of compressing a lamington with your hands and then trying to consume it all in one mouthful.
"Zak do the lamington slammington".

Zak proceeded to launch lamington everywhere like a grotty cunt in an attempt to consume it.
by MobiusFuel August 6, 2020
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