She is a very well known Youtube celebrity.
An Asian chick with an Australian accent by the name of Natalie Tran who amuses the Youtube population by making videos of entertaining topics such as sliding escapes and powerboards, and many others. She lives in Sydney, Australia. She is hilariously funny.

Recently,she has a new song she sang and danced, and touched many people in " We just touched Awkwardly" She has had it on for 1 day and it has over 300,000 views.She sets some sort of record. You can tell that her videos get more and more creative as the time passes by.

She has a fascination with your mum and dead baby jokes. She also finds it funny when you insult her and will almost always turn it back around at you.

Known for her famous, "My mum rates you" slogan and her Australian accent, witty sense of humor,cool dance moves, and red lipstick..

She makes videos very often, because she has nothing better to do and is a video genius. She also claims to read all her over 10,000 comments on each video even though its not possible.

At the end of every video, she has porno music/comment time in which she lists and talks about the comments in her videos that she found amusing.

Her channel is:
Wow!!! communitychannel is really rocking! She has over 9,000,000 views on her channel page! I'm going to watch more of her videos at

"I'm going to sooo communitychannel you, my mum rates better than your mum,"Rob said.

Kasey: "Well communitychannel is my bible, I follow it daily and weekly, I definitely understand Nat's mum jokes."

"Well so what, I'm throwing a communitychannel your way, did you catch it fast enough??" Lena says.
by MysticMadeline March 21, 2009
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adj., excessively apologetic; displaying tendency towards self-deprecation; contrived (esp. humorous) self-criticism.

Derives from the popular vLogging site
A: "Sorry, sorry"
B: "That's very communitychannel"

A: "Another epic fail by me. I'm a born loser..."
B: "Don't be so communitychannel"
by boidyboidyboidy February 24, 2009
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