A metal (NOT metalcore) band from Richmond, Virginia. Their first cd where they used the name Lamb of God, "New American Gospel," was AMAZING. After that, they basically said "fuck richmond" and never play their hometown, Richmond, Virginia, anymore. Now they don't even give a shit about the music they play and all they care about are: signature guitar deals, how they sell theur shit at every hot topic, how they have a tour bus, and how much money they have.
Dude, New American Gospel kicked so much ass. Too bad Lamb of God sucks now. What a bunch of sellouts.
by ANGRYmobJUSTICE March 31, 2007
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A crappy band with a wholeeee lot of screaming. Never worth listening to as it makes your ears bleed.
Person 1; Do your ears hurt?
Person 2; Well yes, i accidently clicked on Lamb of God.
Person 1; Oh no, are you alright?
Person 2; Never again, ever, again.
by saveyourears December 14, 2009
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Worst band in the whole of time. they can't even be considered a band they are so horrible. The singing sounds like a dieing cow that is farting. the only good thing about there noise is that it isn't played on the radio.
Fucking Idiot: Dude, i listened to Lamb of God the other day.

Music Appreciator: *kills, then the world rejoices*
by Leo_Da March 28, 2009
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A symbol of the God’s Sons and Daughters, who leaving Paradise, sacrifice themselves to attain Individuality by entering the school of material life forms. Being innocence in nature, God’s children were referred to as the Lamb’s of God.

Lamb of God is one of the titles given to Jesus in the New Testament and consequently in the Christian tradition.

The Lamb of God is a chant of the Catholic mass. It is chanted during the fraction rite. It has been set to music by many composers (see also Mass (music)).

Lamb Of God is a five-piece progressive thrash metal band from Richmond, Virginia, USA. This is usually what people think of when typing an UrbanDictionary entry, seem to be one-sided, and don't say anything specific, just how much they think the band rocks.
"Lamb of God in my opionion is the worst f***in metal band, they have no real talent. my grandma has more f***in talent than those mother f***ers. I would rather lisent to the f***in Spice Girls than lisent to those punk a$$ b****es. And the Metal Underground Tour f***in blows. the whold line up sucks, and opeth o my god i will just leave it at that, so f*** Lamb of God and those punk a$$ b****es."
by not a lamb of god June 24, 2005
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A bad metal band that tries too hard to be "hardcore metal" or "metalcore" or whatever you call it while sucking in the process. News flash: Constant, incoherent screaming doesn't make you a "badass", it makes you look like a group of idiots with no depth. I'm not saying they aren't instrumentally talented, because they are, but raw talent and manufactured guitar solos don't make up for shitty songwriting and boring concepts. Similar cases of talented bands that still manage to suck include Dream Theatre and Children of Bodom.
"Lamb of God could be so much better, but they choose to be fucking lame."
by Celia Cruz March 26, 2005
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gay "metalcore" pop band, kids love to "mosh" and headbang with shaved heads to this product. see also mtv
Why would anyone want to listen to Lamb of God except to "piss off" mommy and daddy.
by mathias February 16, 2005
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