A name often confused for a guy. She is sassy, sarcastic and can cook a mean enchilada plate. Lamar is fearless, smart, beautiful, and can kick your ass if provoked. She also is a great photographer and the life of any party! If you need something handled, call Lamar.
Lamar is fabulous, make sure to invite her to your next party!
by lisrey21 December 21, 2016
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Huge, absolutely massively enormous out of proportion Jew boy on the planet
"Hey can I bum a smoke?"

Nah I only have 12 left.


"Hey, you still owe two hundred bucks dude!"

"No I don't dude!, I paid you back!"


"Hey dude! I am down the street from your house and I need a ride 5 blocks down.. can you come scoop me?"

"Nah sorry I only have a half a tank of gas left.."

......... *sigh* >.. lamar ..
by GIMMENUT January 13, 2012
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not a girls name.

Prestons middle name.

d00d. stfu. isn't that like the coolest word to pronounce? it's all.... stooofoooo.... yus. so. like, the other day, i was at the grocery store and this dude walked up to me and said, "thats not a carburator, thats my wife!" O___O LYKE, OMFG! LAMAR! XDD foshizzle.
by Sen October 02, 2004
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A school in arlington texas that has educated several olympic stars.

But as of late, the school in education, sports and fine arts is in a decline due to the new principal, Mr. Provence, and several other new teachers and all the damn rent-a-cops.
My last year in Lamar was hell. Mr. Provence is a dumbass!
by Wulfy November 10, 2007
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A name originating from Macon, Georgia and usually grows up to be a Greyhound bus driver from Selma, Alabama to Atlanta.
Lamar was our nigga bus driver today on the bus, he loves the Afro-desert heat and never turns on the ac!
by curtis daylin March 27, 2010
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attractive male; sexy,smart, well-dressed, damn near perfect in every possible way
Damn! That guy is sexy as hell! Yeah he's a lamar
by Scrappy January 14, 2005
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