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AKA Bakeland, the druggie school of Huron Valley.

All the bathrooms smell horrible because people use them to smoke pot. Theres someone in every class that either sells drugs or can give you a phone number to call someone who sells drugs. The girls are cliquey. The guys are douche-bags. International Academy people downstairs think they are better than everyone else just because they're in a smarter school.
The only good thing about Lakeland is... oh wait. There isn't one.
Two girls got busted for bringing alcohol to school and getting drunk just last week.
Typical lakeland high school.
by Imjustwastingmytime October 26, 2010
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A high school in a small town New York which is the definition of hell and where all dreams go to die.
Person one: hey bro I'm going to Lakeland High School this year

Person two: woah good luck because all kids care about in the da pressing cardboard box is drugs and sex
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