Hey, you hear about the facebook vanity url's?

Yeh, they're laf
by MikmY July 2, 2009
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Sexually uninhibited / promiscuous (South African)
After their threesome, they agreed that they were all pretty laf!
by therealkipster November 4, 2008
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A term expressing laughter or humor. Similar to "lol".
OMG you got pwned laf!
by GLHeX August 13, 2003
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1. The kewl version of the verb ‘to laugh’ aka ‘to laff
Wanna heat a joke?” “Sure” “me” “omg I’m laffing!”
by Doggos2232 August 13, 2018
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An absurdist artist named Laura's pseudonym.
The appropriate response to a pun or other clever joke.
LauraAF (dotcom)
Lit As Fuck
Laugh At Farts
Just a generally good brand and a better mantra
---Did you check out the creations on LauraAFdotcom?

-I did, they made me laf. so hard :: ppooottp ::
---Laf. laf. Laf. You farted!
by Laf.lmao June 13, 2022
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