Lame Ass Fuck-tard - Someone so stupid that it's hard to believe that they even know how to breath.
The people I work with are such a bunch of lafs it's amazing that some of them managed to live this long!
by doedecahedron April 19, 2005
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lame version of "laughs".
some people seem to think it's the new lol.
girl: ZOMG, I'm lyk soo tired of "lol".

girl2: yeah, dats so last yr. lafs.
by whynotlie April 15, 2009
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"One LAF phone conversation later, and the problem was solved"


"Damn, your dick is LAF"
by g4bby June 27, 2009
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He's my LAF
by naminami December 13, 2012
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Slang name for the town of West Lafayette, Indiana. Purdue University is the main attraction of this top-notch college town, but there is a great bunch of country folk that are great at making visitors feel at home.
Bill: What city is Purdue in? I can't remember the name but I'll tell you I had a damn good time there.

Chase: It's in West Laf. One hell of a city.
by Darryl Hardy July 15, 2014
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