Do you think Katya will stop cocksucking neighbors at the backyard every single night?
Nope... she has become Lady Gagged!
by rperazag May 6, 2010
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A massively overrated and overly popular woman who could produce multiple children by herself. For those who don't know, yes, she has both. She has talent, but in my opinion, not very creative.
Modest Mouse is much better.
"Lady Gag(a) is worse at poker than jesus riding a motorunicycle while chugging Popov and playing against Bulgarian midgets made of pessimism."
by peter and his monkey February 19, 2010
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An alternate name for all those people who hate Lady Gaga.
"I drove home with my mate, and the cunt only had a Lady Ball Gag CD, I fucking hate that Ball Gag!"
by The Fergal Sharkie July 11, 2009
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