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Lachelle is a unique name for a beautiful, funny, intelligent women.

She is kinda awkward and dorky and very clumsy.

She has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen, you can lose yourself in her eyes for hours.
She has a very strong personality and can be very mean and very crazy if provoked.
She loves music and has great taste in music.
She is very down to earth, and always laughing. She will always make you laugh and your life will be better for knowing her.
She is 1 of the strongest, funniest, most beautiful women you will ever meet.
Wow! You were lucky enough to get a date with Lachelle?
by Mashbaby May 22, 2018
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A beautiful name

A beautiful young girls name!

But watch out she can be a beast and kick your ass

an original name not thought of in a millions years!

Well yesterday i saw this fine young girl walking around. i said Lachelle is B-E-A-utiful!!
by Paper[girl]<:LaChElLe July 23, 2007
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She is the most cute girl and important
She loves animals and loves school and
The best girl to ever have as a best friend or girlfriend
by Love my friend September 15, 2018
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this crazy chick thats always rockin skinnys & some boots. lachelles be very sensitive & always be waering this purple jacket.
Lachelle, you wearing that purple jacket again!?!?!?!?!?!
by ellehcal December 20, 2010
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A stupid white chick who's obsessed with anime and yaoi and herself. She makes a total ass of herself by speaking japanese, usually consisting of the words, "Kawaii", "Baka" "Neko", "Desu", and "Chii". She's a bi-polar bitch who also notifies herself as that as well. She's mean to her past boyfriends and treats everybody as if they're just one of her fans.


Lachelle - "I consider myself kawaii ^3^"

Response to this - o_O *leaves*
by LACHELLELOL August 02, 2007
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