1. A persocom specifically created to be the second daughter of a scientist's family. Her real name is Elda. She lost her memory after her dying older sister, Freya, also a persocom, installed her memories into her. Her parents hid her away, by a pile of garbage, hoping someone would find her. She was found by Hideki Motosuwa. When she awoken, the only thing she could say was, "Chii." And that is how she received that name.
Chii's past and memories are mysteries to Hideki.
by Sango March 5, 2005
Biggest affro man around that is a ganja king of the world
yo dam, chi is the shizznit and he smoked all my weed nigga
by tom November 3, 2004
a very cute chobit, comes with a promotional package of hugs and sounds that go 'chii...'
when she meets some she loves she becomes big and nasty =p, well not quite...
a manga/anime that beats lotr =)
by honx June 23, 2004
Being under the influence of marijuana. Common side effects are dizziness, red eyes and decision making abilities can be hampered
Derek you keep pewcking offmy deck i guess thats means your greening, fuck you must be chiied!
by FleEt Wood St. Fuckers April 28, 2008
A sound in response to something surprising, scary, or odd. Can have more than two "i", depending on the situation, or the level of the mentioned emotions.
"Chii..." She squeaked, her eyes wide with fear as the prancing clowns flipped into the center ring.
by Stargazer February 4, 2004
Quote by a wanna be roadman. The youngster is usually full of crap and has no genitalia.
"Aw chiis"
by Xx@xX February 28, 2016
maori girl who loves being put on the spit.
she is commenly known as block.

cody: man i wounder if their are any chiys out tonight???
kurk: doubt it should we go watch a porno??
cody: yeah man!! im keen!
by Gavin iorns November 28, 2008