1)A thing that people usually slap onto others after declaring themselves an original.
2)That little white tag on the back of those sweatshop made clothes
Britney Spears is often labeled a slutty prep; Evanescence, goth
by ./hack statistika August 19, 2004
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Like the defintions that are given SUCKS so I'm giving you mine.

Label is a fucking interchangable term with "NOUN".

Idiots today, are against labels because they think they're too unique for labels or they're hurtful, but those bastards just don't understand them so they reject them, what morons.

You aren't a soup can, but it proves to be much more useful than the asswads who bring this argument up; what they don't realise is that there are more labels than "goth, punk, emo" that "girl, negro, gay" and others are also labels too.

Label is often confused with "Stereotype", becuase people are ignorant asswads. A stereotype has no steady definition- its just a cliche, while a label has a steady and "DEFINATE" definition.

All labels can have stereotypes like how all punks are into fashion or that all black people eat fried chicken. These stereotypes can even be positive or even non-biased, but most we see today are negative stereotypes.
A common label today is "goth", which is by definition "a fan of goth rock" that has alot of misconceptions because of its "stereotypes".
by sugar_prostitute July 06, 2005
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an unfair categorization placed on people by others who do not understand them.
All Americans are loud and inconsiderate. <-- That is a label
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
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something used to catagorize people usualy kids who seem to lean twards a certain style of clothing based on the kind of music they listen to.
anyone who would openly label themselfs most likely have low self esteems and feel the need to fit into some group or are just lames with no origionality
"oo look...shes hanging with the punk kids"
by me November 26, 2003
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South UK Slang

When you are smoking and someone want saves on ya fag and you want to smoke a little more so you can offer them labels. This is the part of the fag that is just above the label of the fag.
Chanique: "Shantice give us saves on ya fag I'm so stressed blud"
LaTanyetta: "Na man this cost me 20p you can have labels blud"
Chanique: "Safe blud"
by Gigi July 14, 2004
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An annoying geralization to fit in with the crowd to make urself feel good.
person:I'm a preppy person
person2: Pathetic
by Practical Illusions May 01, 2005
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