A sweet person that has a bad additude but can handle it. She's always loyal to everybody. Somebody that wants to be treated like everybody eles
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by Mrspettygirlalways September 25, 2017
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Quiet, determined looks out for everyone.

Bail you of jail, brings you icecream, stays up late with you on the phone

Honest but sweet, confidant, good spouse

Superhero power: the ability to solve the problem quickly
Latonya is always there to help.

"Bartender serve me up a sweet, sharp, delicious Latonya on the rocks" and he did.

Be a Latonya in bed. Be like a Latonya in Church. But best of all be the Latonya we kno an love

#smart #funny #bestfriend #loving
by Renfords wifee May 07, 2018
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