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Live Action Role Playing.
As everyone said, it is mostly used by attention whores. However, it can be used, and often in some parts areas, to shitpost and shill.
nice LARP, cringeoid
by somerandoCigarGuy September 08, 2018

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Also, pseudo-listening.
When you're talking to someone and you really just want them to finish, either to say something yourself or to get away from them, so you don't really listen, but "as the person is talking, your audible memory catches everything and some of it probably slips through, but your conscious mind dismisses it like a ghost."
A: "And then he goes to-"
B: "Yup"
A: "... his car and then-"
B: "Uh-huh"
A: "Are you ghost-listening me?"
B: "Huh"
A: "..."
B: "interesting"
by somerandoCigarGuy April 20, 2020

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You're so god damn horny all the time, you'd fuck everything with a fucking pulse!
"Jesus Christ! What the actual fuck! You haven't left anything in a 100-mile radius behind! Even poor Mr. Whiskers can't walk properly anymore!"

"What else can I do? I'm pulsexual!"
by somerandoCigarGuy May 17, 2020

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It's when something is so mind-numbing, your face uncontrollably spasms into some sort of an ahegao, not out of arousal, but your brain malfunctioning. As if your brain is getting licked.

A similar thing can occur with extreme ASMR tingles, like Japanese ear-licking ASMRs.
*insert feather into your ears*
"Gwah-uah!! God dammit! Quit it!"
"Ahahaha! Your face pulled a retardao."
by somerandoCigarGuy May 17, 2020

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