A Western suburb of Chicago that is close enough to Chicago to realize how boring the suburbs are and how sweet Chicago is. "Downtown" of the suburb shuts down on a weekend night around 9pm as the only people who really go out in downtown LaGrange are either parents over 30 who frequent the 50+ restaurants or are the junior high kids who stand outside of Starbucks and try to act like badasses, but have a 9:30pm curfew.
"Drinking a caramel macchiatto while standing on the corner of LaGrange Rd. and Harris while holding my skateboard makes me feel like a badass."
by HinsdaleCentralSucksMore April 20, 2006
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small town located about 70 miles southwest of Atlanta; widely known as a breeding ground for frat stars and sick-awesome football players. where no means yes and yes means buttsex.
is that blake? yeah, he's that fratty kid from lagrange who wets the bed after he hooks up.
by B-Duds January 7, 2007
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A city. But, not really at city at all--more like a large area made up of several slums, infested with rednecks. Generally, not fratty. Many local do not have their front teeth, replacing them with cow teeth. Local letter jacket is a rip-off of Lovett's.
Gore is from LaGrange. He's not fratty. He has cow teeth. His letter jacket is a rip-off of Lovett's. He's not sick awesome at all.
by faisald January 28, 2008
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LaGrange, other was known as "LA Grange", is the worst town in the state of Ohio. 95% of the students at the high school are pregnant, including males. 80% of the population are drug dealers. 99% of the population uses some sort of illegal drugs. If you ever drive to LaGrange, keep driving and never look back.
by The man you love to fear March 24, 2011
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LaGrange is a city in Georgia about eight miles from Atlanta. It is a hot bubbly stink fuck skid mark of the south. Most people are on meth and percocets, and the others are alcoholics getting date raped in college. It’s amazing that anyone there even knows how to tie a fucking shoe.
Yeah man I know where to get some real mediocre meth in Lagrange
by Engaginglylost March 23, 2018
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The misconception that a mediocre girl from LaGrange College is actually a hot girl due to the lack of actual hot girls there to set the standards high.
Guy1: Damn man. That might be the most beautiful girl I've seen all year.
Guy2: Dude you need to get out in the real world because she is only LaGrange Hot at best.
by jike56youtube4eva November 4, 2009
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A Lagrange point is a place relative to two large bodies (e.g, the Sun and the Earth, or the Sun and Jupiter) where the gravitational and centrifigal forces on a small body that remains at the same point relative to the two large bodies are balanced.
x - (1 - ì)(x - ì)/|x - ì|³ - ì(x + 1 - ì)/|x + 1 - ì|³ = 0
by bob October 6, 2004
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