Stems from lolz, which stems from lol, which means "Laugh out Loud" or "Lots of laughs".
You may only say "lz" if you're a cutie, like me.
Cutie:"omgzomgz I **luv** Billy!1!!!1!"
by yap September 2, 2004
Double Lz is a drill artist who is the drill duo OFB (Bandokay & Double Lz). He is well known for his dark voice and always being with girls in his music videos
Have you heard that new track from DOUBLE LZ and Bandokay
Yea its fire
by Sancho_ 7 March 24, 2021
A known GOAT who pulls all the maccantinos
You see that goat he’s such an Lz rtm 😓
OMG ITS LZ rtm 🤩
by Goatlz December 21, 2021
When you take a nasty dump then come out of the bathroom and give a warning to everyone in the immediate area not to go in their for the next 20 minutes. (Usually used in military circles.)
"Stay out of the latrine for a few. It's a Hot LZ in there right now!"
by MP Vet January 18, 2017
mike is very lz mike
by mike October 13, 2003
A girl you want to go out with but can't because she has an overly possessive EX-boyfriend.
Tina: I'm so over Charles! He treats me like shit, we should hang sometime ya? :)

You: Hahah ok! Ya sure! So there's a party this weekend?

Charles(walks up): Step off my girl fool!

Tina: Ohhh God! Charles! You're making me a Hot LZ!!!!
by Spibo-10806 July 8, 2010