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A spoonmaker, making spoons out of metal, wood, and on rare occasions bone.
Is your dad a loeffler, because I saw him selling silverware.
by ruby_lrl February 20, 2017
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Pronounced like luffler like a muffler

Pulling a Loeffler occurs when a man is fucking a women doggy style, when the man is about to cum he pulls out and forces his penis into the female's ass as quick and hard as possible while simultaneously swiping her arms out from under her and then slamming her upper body down on the bed, floor, etc so she cant push you out of her anus. The result is usually a loud scream and in some cases drawing blood. If all goes to plan the woman will be in great pain and feel degraded like an animal. byah
when the great kc loeffler did it to a girl at the frat party
by patel88 February 19, 2007
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