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A member of the LUE boards, normally characterised by an inability to make a post without either insulting someone, or inserting a picture everyone has already seen.

LUEsers tend to be purile and foolish, but some can be mature at times. However, their spamming as a whole and their love of insulting others means they are generally anti-social and hated by most of the internet, so they hide in their own little hole (see LUE), insulting eachother instead.
Forum user: "...and that's why we need a serious discussion of this problem"
LUEser 1: "O RLY?"
LUEser 2: "YA RLY!!!"
LUEser 3: "Y HELO THAR BUTSECKS!!!111one"
Forum user: "Please be sensible..."
LUEser 2: "O RLY?"
Moderator: "*sighs* *locked*"
by Ogame player July 26, 2005
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