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LTW stands for Live to Win. Made famous by the grinding montage in South Park World of Warcraft episode. Also used in ready checks.
LTW man, just LTW FTW.
by DoodieHowzer January 22, 2007
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Is a definition meaning that you are lower than whale shit. It could pertain to you not being to somebody's importance, or just aren't the persons top priority. Or it could relate to someone being very terrible at something.
Man I wanted a new phone but my dad got me a refurbished one. Uncle responds "yeah you didn't get the new because you are LTWS... Lower than whale shit."
by Bryces99 June 26, 2016
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An acronym for LifeTime Whore.
When someone chooses to work out at Lifetime Fitness rather than hang out with friends, sleep, eat, homework, etc. Early sign of working out addiction and is most evident when one spends 2 or more hours a day at such a place.

WARNING : can escalate to a major problem and friends are easily pressured to fall into this influence.
Anthony : "Hey you want to go to the movies or something?"

Ashlyn : "No, i can't. I'm about to go to Lifetime to do some cardio and maybe a few weights then sit in the sauna. I think Calyn's coming with me too."

Anthony : "Wow, okay. Someone's a LTW."
by a-weed February 16, 2011
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