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Laughing Out Loud, Like, On Purpose

An often ironic acroword used when finding something mildly amusing, though forcing over the top jollity. The 'like' is used to give it a hipster vibe, themselves being a bit LOLLOP in their actual nature.

Soon to be added to the Bradford English Dictionary by popular demand.
Lee Evans basically just described going to the shops but with more sweat and silly faces. LOLLOP!

You're adopted, LOLLOP!

I'm sorry Mr Hodson, but it's The AIDS.
by iNVADER84 May 09, 2014
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(v); to gallop and LOL (Laugh out loud) at the same time
As fia's unicorn lolloped through the gumdrop forest, Santa was making toys.
by McLoveME May 31, 2009
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A person without or any real interest in life.someone who is lazy and untidy a person who just does not care.
"Dave instead of just watching TV perhaps you should get a job you lazy lollop"
"Do you think you could get off your backside and give me a hand you great useless lollop"
by justabubble15 January 27, 2015
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this word is used to describe someone who constantly lounges around and slobs everywhere. see also coach potato and munter
by carino January 11, 2005
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