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LOGAS - Lack of Give a Shit: A quicker way to describe the declining or non-existent moral of a group.
The customer ordered the blue version, but we shipped them the pink version. Must have been LOGAS in the shipping department that day.
by JV Hilliard August 15, 2015
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Short for "Lethal Online Games Addiction" and pronounced as "low-gah". It defines how some people, without online games, will eventually die.
Rizel: "KaedeChan! What should I do? I can't live without MapleSEA! I can't live without AuditionSEA! If those are taken away from me, I'd die! DIEE!!!"

Kaede: "Babes, you got LOGA."
by KaedeChan May 25, 2010
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A fair Indian boy that loves Carlsberg and dewars. Also has an annoying laughter like the “Cobra”. Can be a perfect companion but just needs to be provided food 24/7.
“Loga is dancing in the club to pottu thakku
“Loga wants to drink dewars. Anybody wanna chute?”
by Wunanti Saphaera April 23, 2018
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L.o.G.A. which stands for League Of Gaian Assassins, Is a Battle Clan on the site who are dedicated to dominating the sites future MMO and helping other members for a price. They have been around since Gaia's first teased there members with the long awaited release of there MMO.
~L.o.G.A. Saving Souls Since 2007... In Jars.~
by Michael R. McBride June 29, 2008
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